Sketchbook Tour - Embracing Imperfection within my Artistic Journey

Sketchbook Tour - Embracing Imperfection within my Artistic Journey

Hello everyone, I'm excited to take you on a little virtual tour of my sketchbook, where creativity flowed and imperfections became great moments of growth for me. So, get cosy with a wee cup of tea and join me as we delve into these pages filled with laughter, inspiration, and the joy of simply creating.

Starting in June 2022 and ending in September of the same year, my sketchbook became my creative haven. I embarked on this journey because I yearned to be more consistent with my art, to nurture a daily practice that would ignite my passion for art and all things creative. Little did I know that this humble sketchbook would become a witness to my artistic evolution, where I discovered what I liked creating the most and what I knew just didn't bring me joy.

One of the biggest milestones I set for myself during this time was the 356 Art Challenge. Yep, that's right, 356 days of creating art everyday for a whole year! I wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone and tackle subjects I wasn't too confident in as quickly plants and flowers felt too easy as I have illustrated them for a good few years now so they have become a comfort sketch. Animals and landscapes, oh boy! Let's just say my early attempts were hilariously imperfect. But hey, that's the beauty of growth, right? I absolutely loved exploring my skills in illustrating animals and more textured landscapes, I still love them today but they still can be a challenge.

So now it's time to dive right into the meat and potatoes of my sketchbook, including all the various themes and challenges along the way.

Now, let's face that it's no secret that I'm more comfortable drawing plants, flowers and all things green! There's something magical about the looseness of the delicate leaves and the vibrant colors. It's like channeling my inner self through the beauty of nature. So, you'll find plenty of botanical sketches in my sketchbook, each stroke a celebration of the natural world that surrounds us.

Let's talk about people. Oh boy, drawing people is a whole different story! My attempts at sketching the human form have often resulted in laughter-inducing outcomes or absolutely terrifying and will give you nightmares. I guess it's safe to say that illustrating people isn't really my thing. However, I never say never! Maybe one day, I'll embrace the challenge and give it another shot and really focus on it but currently I'm not super inspired by the thought of it.

I'm not sure any of you know that I have a background in interior design? That came in handy when it came to architectural sketches. I felt right at home sketching buildings and cityscapes. The lines flowed effortlessly, and felt I could capture the essence of each building with just lines. It is great to be able to merge my love for art along with my passion for design, a perfect blend in my eyes.

Ireland, has been the land of inspiration over the past few years! Many of the sketches in my book were inspired by our trips to this beautiful place. Ireland feels like a home away from home to me, and its breathtaking landscapes and peaceful towns have definitely influenced my art. We like to live a slow life when we are in Ireland and I feel that most of the sketches from this time show that. You'd pretty much find me outside sketching in raw nature or snuggled up by the fire sketching more animals.

Let's not forget about my handsome boy, Alfie. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to capture his soul on paper! But here's the thing, it never quite works out as I hoped. Alfie is the life and soul of our little family and he is full of love and character which I feel I can't capture properly or do him justice. Yet, each attempt became a heartfelt tribute to our bond as I'm always inspired to take a picture of his weird or cute actions and attempt to illustrate him, imperfect as it may be. I realised that sometimes, it's the effort and intention that matter most, eventually I'll be good at it!

Now, let's talk about line work illustrations. Some people hate the line work of their art but it holds a special place in my heart. Something about the simplicity and elegance of a single-color art piece created solely with line thickness's brings me so much joy! I've always been obsessed with patterns and textures, and line work art allows me to explore this fascination in a minimal way. Over the years I have tried to create what I would say is “real art” but I always end up hating it and overthinking it, which then always leads me back to what I love and that I am good at. Don't get me wrong it can always be a challenge but it's a challenge worth while in my eyes.

Throughout this sketchbook, you'll notice one recurring theme: imperfection. Nothing in my sketchbook is perfect, and that's exactly why I love it. The sketching process, with all its spontaneity and rawness, connects me deeply with my art. It's in those imperfect moments that I feel most alive, most connected to my creative spirit.

I hoped you loved having a sneak peak through my sketchbook and I encourage you to either start one if you haven't already or keep going with the one you've already started, I promise you it will be worth it!

You can watch the full sketchbook tour via the link below.


Rebecca x



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